The Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye is a project I completed in the 2nd Year of my HND in Photography. For this project I had to document a journey and add text to images to enhance them. For my journey I chose a typical day from the the viewpoint of a sufferer of depression and anxiety, a topic with which I am very familiar.

All images for this project were taken using an iPhone rather than my normal DSLR as I did not want the photos to be technically perfect. This also allowed me to take images as I went about my day on an impromptu basis when the opportunity arose.

The images were all edited into a harsh black and white which made the images darker in tone. I edited the images to contain motion blur and uneven vignettes which was intended to make the images look more confused and as though something was clearly wrong.

The text added to the bottom of the images was written by hand and then inserted into photoshop. For the most part the text contains thoughts and/or feelings relevant to the images and thoughts I have had myself as a sufferer of these conditions.

This was a very personal body of work and something very different from my usual commercial style of photography